Monday, February 22, 2021 | 7AM-10AM PST (UTC -8:00)

Topic: Developments in instrumentation and analysis

7:00 Opening remarks, housekeeping
7:15 Marine Cotte |ESRF, France – New opportunities offered by the ESRF-EBS for the study of cultural heritage

8:00 Break

8:05 Veronica de Carvalho Teixeira | LNLS, Brazil – Sirius – a new platform to study ancient materials in Brazil with synchrotron light
8:25 Hayley Simon | UCL, UK – A long-term study into the corrosion of cast iron during 19-months of alkaline washing conservation monitored using Synchrotron X-ray Powder Diffraction
8:45 Matthias Alfeld | TU Delft, Netherlands – How isolation limits efficiency or the potential and challenges of fused data sets of cultural heritage objects

9:05 Break

9:15 Panel discussion moderated by
Loïc Bertrand | Université Paris–Saclay, France
Apurva Mehta | SSRL, USA

9:55 Closing remarks
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2021 | 7AM-10AM PST (UTC -8:00)

Topic: Recent application to cultural heritage materials

7:00 Opening remarks, housekeeping
7:15 Letizia Monico | CNR, Italy – Investigation of degradation processes of cadmium and chrome yellow paints by synchrotron radiation-based X-ray methods: benefits and challenges

8:00 Break

8:05 Mike Toth | USA – New Text from Old Parchment with Synchrotron Imaging
8:25 Ineke Joosten | Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands – Hidden secrets of Iron Age textiles. What can be gained by applying synchrotron techniques?
8:45 Eleanor Schofield | The Mary Rose Trust, UK – SR-XPD analysis of destructive salts forming in archaeological brick

9:05 Break

9:15 Panel discussion moderated by
Piero Pianetta | SLAC, USA
Ina Reiche | C2RMF, France

9:55 Closing remarks
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2021 | 7AM-10AM PST (UTC -8:00)

Workshop on data analysis led by
Sam Webb | SSRL, USA

7:00 Opening remarks, housekeeping
7:10 Principles of XRF Image Data Analysis

7:55 Break

8:05 Introduction to the MicroAnalysis Toolkit, Interactive Analysis Session

8:55 Break

9:05 Spectral X-ray Image Analysis, Interactive Analysis Session

9:50 Closing remarks
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